ABS Extrusion, Profile mit hoher Stoßfestigkeit, Angoscini M.P. verfügt über die notwendige Erfahrung zur Veredlung dieser thermoplastischen Legierung mit hervorragenden Eigenschaften und Widerstandsfähigkeit, mit möglichen Personalisierungen von Farbe und Form, vom kleinen Querschnitt bis zu Kassenausstattungsprofile zu 4.000 g/lm.


Eigenschaften des Materials

It ‘a common thermoplastic polymer used to create light and rigid objects, such as pipes, musical instruments (especially the flute and clarinet), golf club heads, parts or whole car bodies and toys like the famous LEGO bricks, as well as that acts as a container for assembly of electrical and electronic components. In the field of hydraulics ABS pipes are black, while those of PVC are white, orange or gray.

The properties of ABS are due to the simultaneous contribution of each of its constituents:

  • acrylonitrile increases the heat resistance, toughness and chemical industries,
  • butadiene provides the impact resistance being an elastomer,
  • styrene provides surface gloss, stiffness and ease of processing


  • drainage pipes, drainage and venting of buildings
  • electrical conduits
  • profiles for electrical and electronic equipment